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Our honeywagons are the best! Designed by ourselves and built in America, they offer luxury and comfort not found in the film industry:

Heating, air con & hot water

Low-key design, narrow for on-street use

High capacity water and waste tanks

Can run on battery for 15+hours

Unit with in-built shower/wet room

Eco-friendly soaps & cleaners

Length – 7 meters
Height - 3.3 meters
Width – 2 meters (body, axle 2.3m)
Weight – 3.5 ton
Vehicle Reg - LOO 4 YOU

hire rates (daily - call for weekly/long term rates)

Toilet, 4x4 & driver 10-hours base to base - £275 (Mon to Sat)
Overtime £25 per hour
Generator £9 per hour
Mileage £1 per mile
Water, waste empty & toilet consumables included
Nightshoots & Sundays £50 extra